IELTS Speaking Live  Practice

Get familiar with IELTS SPEAKING section. Book an online LIVE mock session with an experienced IELTS teacher. and get the confidence you need for your test day.

IELTS SPEAKING LIVE PRACTICE is a real-time, online session conducted by an experienced teacher specializing in IELTS preparation. The aim of IELTS SPEAKING LIVE PRACTICE is to:

  • familiarize with test format
  • provide useful tips on how to perform well
  • provide feedback on performance
  • give recommendation for further improvement
  • boost confidence before the exam

Book your IELTS SPEAKING LIVE PRACTICE now and receive:

  • IELTS Speaking Test Guide including test overview, task types and tips on how to perform well
  • IELTS Speaking Feedback Report including your current level, detailed feedback on how well you performed in each part plus suggestions for further study and improvement
  • access to the recording of your test allowing you to refer to it and get more from the feedback

COST: 130 PLN or 30 EUR